Jun 9 / Richa Bansal

Yes, I Quit Amazon!

Last week, I quit Amazon.

The decision was 3 years in the making.

3 years of:

💪 Launching multiple leadership programs for the Government of Canada.
💪 Teaching the first-ever women’s leadership course at U of Ottawa.
💪 Running corporate programs for SLB, SAP, CBC, Scotiabank, and others.
💪 Facilitating 50+ workshops on career development and growth.
💪 Helping high-performers get 50%+ growth in compensation.
💪 Coaching 100s women on how to fast-track their careers.

As I looked back on what got me here, I realized the decision was actually 10 years in the making.

10 years of crafting proven strategies to:

👊 Never let my limiting beliefs and self-doubt lead the conversation.
👊 Focus on the needle movers vs. getting things done perfectly.
👊 Persist for what I want, even if it feels scary or out of reach.
👊 Leverage strategic networks to grow my career.

I’ve used these exact strategies to help 100s of women advance in their careers, and I’m ready to help 1000s more do the same.

Are you ready for it?

Whenever you are ready, here are 3 ways I can help:

1. THE FEARLESS HIRE: The only job search accelerator for mid-senior women in male-dominated industries. Get the proven playbook, personalized coaching, and accountability you need to land your next $200k+ offer on your own timeline, and become recession-proof. 

2. WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR: The only women's leadership accelerator for mid-senior women across the Government of Canada. This 6-month leadership program will give you the confidence, skills and network you need to fast-track your growth to executive roles.

3. CORPORATE TRAINING AND PROGRAMS: Bring our award-winning keynotes, training and women's leadership programs to your organization to solidify your DEIB efforts. 

Your dream career begins here.

Every Saturday, get one actionable strategy to level up your confidence, career, and compensation in less than 5 minutes.
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