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My clients get results

Before working with Richa, I felt stuck in my career. She really challenged my idea of the job opportunities I had the potential for. She helped me position my resume for the tech industry and my interview skills improved tremendously after just one practice with her. Without her help, I probably would not have been able to change industries.

Jagruti mehta
senior program manager, amazon

The step-by-step process Richa shared for self-promotion with confidence was extremely powerful and something that is helping me grow quickly in my organization. I would definitely recommend Richa and her programs to anyone looking to learn how to navigate up the corporate ladder and gain confidence as a leader.

Senior Program Manager, humana
What I appreciate the most about Richa is her big-picture thinking - when providing clear and concise feedback to progress towards the next career milestone. I highly recommend Richa for career consults as she brings a lot of past experiences to the table, and will clearly speak from a place of data based decision making!

From execution strategies, constructing teams, leveraging relationships and restoring conflicts, the Promotion Accelerator program really had everything I needed to grow as a leader. I feel greatly confident in the results I have taken from this program. Richa has been an amazing mentor throughout this journey. Thank you!

Erika Endrade
Field Engineer, SLB

I consider myself extremely lucky to have coached with Richa. She looked into all my problems, big or small, with equal care and attention while always focusing on the overarching “big career picture”. Working with her has helped me move closer to my long-term professional goal and her experiences have been a great value add even in my personal life.

Nisha singh
management consultant, oliver wyman
I was extremely fortunate to have Richa as my coach! She was extremely proactive and had a holistic approach. She supported me in navigating through difficult situations I faced at work and taught me valuable skills to balance my work with other aspects of my life. When I wanted to make the next step in my career and move to an MBB firm, Richa’s guidance and support played a pivotal role!

simran singh
management consultant, bain and Co.

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