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Curriculum based on leading research on leadership development and career growth

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No-fluff, practical advice on every day workplace challenges, so your team can up their game and deliver on corporate goals

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Live, virtual training on Zoom/TEAMS, complete with breakout rooms and post-session action plan, so participants can internalize the learning 

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The most competent, equipped, and motivated person to drive your career is you!

These workshops cover what you need to know about the secret ingredient for success i.e. YOU. Discover how to identify your personal brand, kick imposter syndrome, communicate assertively and manage your most important career stakeholders.

Join these workshops to learn practical strategies to enhance your leadership skills and empower yourself to be in the driver's seat of your professional success.

Workshop topics include:

- Leverage Your Personal Brand for Career Growth
- Ditch the Imposter Syndrome
- Manage Up Effectively
- Negotiate to YES
- Communicate Assertively
- Maximize Mentoring and Networking for Career Acceleration

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Hi, I'm Richa Bansal

I am a seasoned professional with a decade of experience working with the largest oilfield and e-commerce companies in the world.

As one of the only women in the room for most of her career, I have seen first-hand the struggles of women as they navigate the corporate ladder. In 2019, I founded Pinkcareers with a mission to close the gender gap in the c-suite. Our programs are anchored in real-world experience, no-fluff career advice, and research-based curriculum. Through my social enterprise, I have partnered with multiple Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, universities, and the Government of Canada to deliver Pinkcareers' programs to 3000+ professional women. I particularly love to speak about the power of personal branding, ditching imposter syndrome, and managing up for accelerating career growth.

I earned a Bachelor’s from IIT Delhi in India, a Master’s from Purdue University, and an MBA from Rice University. When I is not working on Pinkcareers, you will find me exploring the world with my husband and two little boys.

Client Love

The content was excellent, and the breakout rooms gave the opportunity to share and discuss experiences, which makes it a lot more easy to retain the learning.
ditch the imposter syndrome WORKSHOP
I very much identified with Richa in several of the lessons she presented. She transmits tremendous energy and I really enjoyed the open and honest conversation. 
KEYNOTE on 10 lessons learnt from my decade long career
I liked the concept of BATNA and ZOPA, which helps to add clarity to our through process in work/life when making decisions.
NEGOTIATING to yes workshop
I especially loved the two speakers [Richa & Eeksha] and how they really encouraged people to talk/use the chat and had a lot of discussion in the main room. They provided great ideas on how best to manage up and answered real world questions.
managing up effectively WORKSHOP
Loved the practical advice and having a structure to follow with the session handouts.
maximize your mentoring relationship workshop
Loved the small-group session and appreciate B-school type feedback, i.e. learning from others in the group.
Communicate assertively workshop

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