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Hi, I'm Richa.

I help high achievers learn how to quit underselling themselves and land high-impact leadership roles on their own terms = purpose, freedom and $$$.

As a brown immigrant mother of two with 12+ years of experience with two of the largest F500 companies in the Energy and Tech industries, I have seen firsthand the challenges many of us face while rising up the corporate ladder.

But after getting 5 promotions in 10 years, transitioning to a $200k+ role at Amazon without the tradition Tech experience and building a multi-six-figure business on the side of a full time job, I know that with the right mindset, strategy and accountability it is absolutely possible to build your career on your own terms!

I’m here to show you proven strategies so you can stop dreaming and finally start living the career and life of your dreams!

Become the CEO of your career.

My goal is to teach you proven strategies to grow your career, compensation and impact by 200% without scaling up your hours. 

You can build a career and life of your wildest dreams. And I am here to show you how!

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My clients get results.

Before working with Richa, I felt stuck in my career. She really challenged my idea of the job opportunities I had the potential for. She helped me position my resume for the tech industry and my interview skills improved tremendously after just one practice with her. Without her help, I probably would not have been able to change industries.

Jagruti mehta
senior program manager, amazon

The step-by-step process Richa shared for self-promotion with confidence was extremely powerful and something that is helping me grow quickly in my organization. I would definitely recommend Richa and her programs to anyone looking to learn how to navigate up the corporate ladder and gain confidence as a leader.

Senior Program Manager, humana
What I appreciate the most about Richa is her big-picture thinking - when providing clear and concise feedback to progress towards the next career milestone. I highly recommend Richa for career consults as she brings a lot of past experiences to the table, and will clearly speak from a place of data based decision making!

Working with Richa as my coach has been one of the best decisions of my career. Her coaching helped me gain renewed confidence in my strengths and capabilities after an extended maternity leave as well as negotiate a compensation package for a new job offer that I was initially ready to settle for. Her expertise will declutter your mind and set you on a path to achieving both your short and long-term career goals.


Richa’s program has been life-changing for me. Not only did Richa teach me how to own my PhD and past experiences during behavioural interviews, I finally began applying for senior data scientist roles, and successfully negotiated a $20k+ offer increase from one of the largest cancer research hospitals in the US. Whether you're struggling with self-doubt, feeling undervalued, or unsure about your career direction, Richa is the career coach who will help you achieve your dream job, promotion, or raise. 

sr. data scientist, md anderson
I was extremely fortunate to have Richa as my coach! She was extremely proactive and had a holistic approach. She supported me in navigating through difficult situations I faced at work and taught me valuable skills to balance my work with other aspects of my life. When I wanted to make the next step in my career and move to an MBB firm, Richa’s guidance and support played a pivotal role!

simran singh
management consultant,
bain and Co.

Ready to level up your career? I can help.

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Your career deserves only the best. Accelerate your job search or career growth with 55 minute 1-1 coaching session with Richa.

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Take your career and compensation to the next level with my high-touch 1-1 coaching program. Book a call to learn more.

Pinkcareers Leadership Accelerator

Ditch crippling self-doubt, position yourself as the go-to-leader and land $200k leadership promotions in my group leadership program.

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