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Hi, I'm Richa.

I help high-achieving women BE DONE struggling with imposter syndrome, confidently land leadership roles and build a purpose-drive career.

As a brown, immigrant, woman in the Oil & Gas and the Tech industry, I have seen first hand the challenges many face while rising up the corporate ladder in North America. I was told I didn’t belong. That I cannot succeed in the corporate world without pulling 60+ hour weeks. That I cannot have it all. 

For a little while, I believed them. 

But then, I decided to prove them wrong by becoming the CEO of my career.

The results were quite phenomenal.

  I got 5 promotions within 10 years, leading projects with CEO level visibility.

  I graduated top of my MBA class while working full time and having my first kid.

  I transitioned from the Oil & Gas industry to a multi-six figure leadership role in the Tech industry, without having any traditional technical experience.  

  I created a thriving coaching business on the side of working a full-time role at Amazon.

Become the CEO of your career.

My goal is to teach you proven strategies to grow your career, compensation and impact by 200% without scaling up your hours. 

You can build a career and life of your wildest dreams. And I am here to show you how!

Client love

Before working with Richa, I felt stuck in my career. She really challenged my idea of the job opportunities I had the potential for. She helped me position my resume for the tech industry and my interview skills improved tremendously after just one practice with her. Without her help, I probably would not have been able to change industries.

Jagruti mehta
senior program manager, amazon
The step-by-step process Richa shared for self-promotion with confidence was extremely powerful and something that is helping me grow quickly in my organization. I would definitely recommend Richa and her programs to anyone looking to learn how to navigate up the corporate ladder and gain confidence as a leader.

Senior Program Manager, humana
What I appreciate the most about Richa is her big-picture thinking - when providing clear and concise feedback to progress towards the next career milestone. I highly recommend Richa for career consults as she brings a lot of past experiences to the table, and will clearly speak from a place of data based decision making!


Ready to level up your career? I can help.

55 Minute Career Coaching

Your career deserves only the best. Accelerate your job search or career growth with 55 minute 1-1 coaching session with Richa.

1:1 Coaching

2X your career and compensation without scaling up your hours with my high-touch 1-1 coaching program. Book a call to learn more.

THE FEARLESS HIRE Job Search Program

Land your dream job and compensation in any market. Learn more about my lifetime access group coaching program.

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