Road to EB1A Greencard

7 September @ 8:30pm ET

Join this 90 minute session to learn the exact, step-by-step process I used to self-petition and get approval for my NIW and EB1A greencard.

I will be sharing information on the resources I used, how I strengthened my petition, and ultimately secured approval in the highest US Greencard category with only a Masters degree.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and cannot make determination on whether your case is strong or not. I will only be sharing my own experience in this workshop.
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Hi, I'm Richa.

I help high achieving professionals BE DONE struggling with imposter syndrome and land high-impact leadership roles = purpose, freedom and $$$.

As a brown immigrant woman with a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas and Tech industry, I have seen firsthand the challenges many face while rising up the corporate ladder in North America. 

I was told I didn’t belong. That I cannot succeed in the corporate world without pulling 60+ hour weeks. That I had to follow their rules. That I cannot have it all. 

For a little while, I believed them. But then, I decided to prove them wrong by becoming the CEO of my career.

The results were quite phenomenal.

→ I self-petitioned and got approval in EB1A Greencard category without a PhD or 100s of citations. 
→ I got 5 promotions within 10 years, leading projects with Board of Directors level visibility.
→ I graduated top of my MBA class while working full time and having my first kid.
→ I transitioned from the Energy industry to a $200k+ leadership role in the Tech industry.
→ I created a thriving multi-six-figure career coaching and consulting business while working full-time at Amazon.

We indeed can have it all (and I will show you how)!
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