GET UNSTUCK: A Proven 4 Step Strategy to Land Your Next $25k - $150k Promotion

Learn the exact 4-step strategy I used to land 5 promotions in 10 years, transition to a $200k+ role at Amazon, create a multi-six-figure business and build a career on my own terms.

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May 6, 2023
@ 9 am PST / 12 pm EST

Get ready to walk away with

3 Reasons why you are stuck in your career despite great pedigree and proven accomplishments

The #1 mindset shift you need to make to fast-track your transition to a CXO role

How to create massive impact in your career without sacrificing your family or personal well-being

The secret to building unshakeable confidence so you can land your next $25k - $150k promotion

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🙋 You are stuck in IC roles. You fear your goal of becoming a c-level executive is slipping farther and farther away, while your less qualified and less experienced peers are already making Senior Managers, Directors and Partners.

🙋 You are overridden with limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, fearing sooner or later, people will find out that you are not good enough.

🙋 You are a high-performing professional that started your career with a clear path, grew at full speed, and yet you cannot seem to break into the next level.

🙋 You fear making the wrong career move, are stuck in analysis paralysis, and regretting not going for it.

🙋 You are constantly in the Doer mode, overwhelmed with everything that’s on your plate, routinely working late into the night, leaving little time for you, your family, or your health.

🙋 You are an invaluable top performer but your financial compensation does not justify your education, expertise, or experience.

🙋 You regularly land interviews at the next level but are unable to convert them into high paying job offers.

I am going to teach you the exact strategies I have used to help hundreds of ambitious, high performing women become recession-proof, and command a career and compensation on their own terms.

Check out just a few results from the strategies I teach in this Masterclass

My Masterclasses are full of practical, actionable, real and raw advice, unlike any other FREE Masterclass you have ever attended. Zero fluff included!

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 Thank you for such a great class! And I learnt some useful things among which sorting out functional vs domain expertise and the LinkedIn tip 'I am hiring' to find recruiters that are hiring. - J

 Excellent Masterclass! Thanks for putting it together. - M

 It was indeed a power packed and no fluff presentation, Richa. - J

 Just wanted to say though - the master class was quite amazing. - S

 Hi, Richa. I really loved learning in your Masterclass this Sunday. - Z

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After the training, doors to the OWN YOUR CAREER will be me, you’ll want to see this! It is my signature LIFETIME ACCESS career accelerator program that helps high-performing women quit playing safe, land $25k - $150k promotions, and fast track their move to CXO roles, regardless of the recession. 

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Yes, this Masterclass will be recorded and sent to you, if you can’t make it live! 🎉 

But as long as you sign up and share a screenshot of the training on LinkedIn, you will be automatically entered to win a full-ride scholarship to OWN YOUR CAREER program, my lifetime access group coaching program.

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If you are ready to quit playing safe and command the career and compensation you deserve, you don’t want to miss it!

Spots are limited as this is a LIVE Masterclass on Zoom.

6 May, 2023
9 am PST / 12 pm EST

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Richa.

I help ambitious, high-performing women stop playing safe and command the career and compensation they deserve, while leading a purpose driven and balanced life.

As a brown immigrant woman with 12+ years of experience with two of the largest F500 companies in the Energy and Tech industries, I have seen firsthand the challenges women face while rising up the corporate ladder.

But after getting 5 promotions in 10 years, transitioning to a $200k+ role with Amazon without the tradition Tech experience and building a multi-six-figure business on the side of a full time job, I know that with the right mindset, strategy and accountability it is absolutely possible to build your career on your own terms!

I’m here to show you proven strategies so you can stop dreaming and finally commanding a career and compensation of your dreams!

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Client success stories

“Before working with Richa, I felt stuck in my career. Without her help, I probably would not have been able to change industries.”

Before she started working with me, she was unsure if she had any transferrable skills to move from her small Utilities R&D company to the Tech industry. She didn’t have a technical degree, an MBA, or any fancy certifications like the PMP. We challenged her limiting beliefs and brought back the confidence she had lost in her job search. We quickly got to work, completely revamping her Resume to highlight her 12+ work experience, strategically leveraged her network to get an interview with a F10 company, and landed her a job in less than 2 months of working together. She increased her salary by 100%, making a 20X on the ROI of working together.

utilities r&d company

“Richa challenged me to push my perspective and reach for roles that are outside my comfort zone.”

When we first started working together, he was stuck with a toxic boss and feared layoff. His situation was tricky as he was on H1-B visa in the US, and a layoff would mean he would have to uproot his family and move out of the country within a few weeks. We quickly leveraged his Director title to find the right role for his 15+ years of experience, worked on his positioning and elevated his personal brand. We also pushed past “playing safe” behaviours and found stretch opportunities with top Tech companies. Within a couple months of working together, he landed a job with a F10 company, in a role that aligned with his long term personal, career, and compensation goals.

director, supply chain operations

“Richa's strategies have shifted my mindset from one of doubt to confidence."

Right before she joined my Own Your Career Program, she had gotten a full-time offer from the top Tech company she was working with as an MBA intern. She recently had found out that not only was her offer $20k lower than what her peer got at a competitor, her signing bonus was 50% lower than other MBA graduates. With her trust broken from the start, she vowed to never be in the same position again and decided to take control of the trajectory of her career and financial compensation. Within a month of us working together, she built the confidence to ask for a $20k raise and an internal transfer opportunity in the Product Strategy group that aligned with her long-term career goals. She also ditched the fear to reach out to executive leaders within the company, is strategically building out her network and is well positioned for senior leadership track within the company.

mba intern, strategy & Ops
F500 tech company

Are you FINALLY ready to stop being on CRUISE CONTROL and Go ALL-IN on your success?

Spots are limited as this is a live Masterclass!!

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