PIVOT E-Learning

Be the leader you are meant to be.

Level up your leadership skills with live, expert-led classes and small peer-group learning. 

Access unlimited live classes for $79/month.
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"Live, expert-led experiences are one of the most
compelling ways to learn."

josh bersin, deloitte
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About the Program

Without active reinforcement, people forget as much as 90% of what they learn within 30 days. That's why learning management systems that offer generic e-learning videos or one-and-done seminars do not meet the training demands of the modern workplace.

Pinkcareers offers a live, learning platform for modern and impactful skills development. We bring research and experience backed career advice to your workforce, on a schedule that works for them. All sessions are online, interactive, inclusive, and effective at giving your employees the skills they need to excel in the workplace.

Why Choose PIVOT E-learning

Be In-Charge of Your Career Development

Choose to master A LEARNING track or access unlimited live classes
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New Manager Track

Skill up in new manager essentials like delegation, constructive feedback, conflict resolution and stakeholder management. 
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Own Your Career Track

Learn how to identify your personal brand, define better work-life boundaries, negotiate like a pro, and kick imposter syndrome. 
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Diversity and Inclusion Track

Foster an inclusive work environment by learning how to mentor female employees, leading effective meetings and becoming a male ally at work.

How Does It Work

PIVOT membership in Action

Choose Classes

Pick unlimited classes from a catalog of live career workshops or choose to complete a leadership track. 

Learn Live

Attend the live, interactive session with a small cohort of peers, led by our roster of expert instructors.

Measure Progress

Review post-class action plan, complete session quiz, and self-monitor your progress.

Access Unlimited Live Workshops


Benefits for Employees

Access Live, expert-led trainings, when you need it, where you need it. 

Live online classes

All classes are help live via zoom, allowing for maximum interaction and learning from the instructor and peer group.

Impactful learning

Small-group discussions and reflection sessions allow increased openness, sharing, and learning. 

Practical and tailored content

We share practical and implementable advice on every-day challenges so employees are empowered to own their career and excel in the workplace. 

Relatable Instructors 

Our instructors have risen the ranks of corporate world themselves, which makes them relatable role models to our participants.

Benefits for Employers

leadership and career training so you can deliver on your diversity, inclusion and talent management objectives

Talent attraction

Gallup reports that 87% millennials want their job to offer employee development. Stand out as an invested workplace to attract the best talent. 

Measurable behavior change

High-touch training and continual learning results in positive behavior change. Measure progress of your team through in-built quizzes, intuitive reporting and more.

Engagement and retention

Live, interactive sessions allow increased participation and retention. Bring powerful classroom experience to your learners and help them get the skills they need to excel in the workplace. 

Turnkey and scalable

Our solutions are easy to deploy and scalable to any team size. Let your team own their career development through self-serve login, registration for upcoming classes, and progress monitoring.
Live, expert-led experiences are one of the most
compelling ways to learn.
josh bersin, deloitte

PIVOT E-Learning

Career Training for the Modern Workforce


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